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Busy Cake Times...

So less than two weeks to go until London cake international 2014 eeeeeekkk!

I came up with my idea for this competition entry weeks and weeks ago and so far all I have to show is a decorated board! As per usual I have taken on far too many orders prior to this competition and so once again the competition cake will be last  To top it all off I have man flu... Yes this is definitely man flu as It is far worse than the average cold :(

At the weekend we celebrated my birthday and Mother's Day.  Although plans were ruined slightly due to the dreaded man flu, I was able to enjoy some of the amazing cake lovingly made by by husband and 2 year old daughter.

norfolk piggy cake

Very impressive for amateurs I think u'll agree? It's nice to see some of the cake decorating skills are being picked up!

So in the run up to cake international things could be very quiet from the little Millie's kitchens.  Not only do I have my competition piece to start/finish but I also have a beautiful wedding cupcake tower to create as well as numerous novelty cakes.  Looks light I have many late nights ahead…

Nicki xx