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Dereham Christmas Lights

so this weekend is the Christmas lights switch on in Dereham… I cannot wait, I will be in a baking frenzy ready for this Sunday. Please come and visit me at our Little Millie’s stall that we are having with a whole treat of Christmas Cupcakes, handmade chocolate and other sweet things :) Its gonna be a busy day. Have a look at the pictures below of some handbags and shoes cupcakes that I made for Bar 11 at the weekend… :)
- Nicki xx
Designer handbags and shoes cupcakes-1Designer handbags and shoes cupcakes-3

Mega Busy

Well it’s been absolutely manic with Little Millie’s the past few weeks, so many fantastic ideas coming in with your orders :) I now only have ONE week between now and Christmas that I can squeeze in extra orders :) , so if you want to order please get in as soon as you can!! I am now taking orders for any New Years parties that are going on too…. tomorrow its off to Birmingham for the National Cake Show, then back into the kitchens for some more massive orders :) We have now added up the Dj page to the website too and watch this space as the Little Millie’s online store will be here very soon… Til next week, much Love Nicki xx

little millies cars logoSweet Candy  cart Flyer1

Christmas Bookings...

What a busy week it’s been at Little Millie’s… So many cakes and cupcakes done this week :) On another note, Gary actually managed (at last) to get some pictures of the Sweetie cart on here, this is booking out really quickly for next year now so if you are interested please get in as soon as you can… I was asked to do a few Angry Birds Cupcakes this week… have a look at the picture :)
Finally…. Sorry to say but it is now time too get in your christmas orders… :) Thanks Nicki xx

Angry Birds Cupcakes-2Angry Birds Cupcakes-1